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Hostfamily letter

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      Hey, ich wollte mal fragen was ihr von dem Brief haltet.. Ich bin nich gerade die best in Englisch.. und ich wollte mal eure Meinung dazu hören. Wäre sehr lieb wenn ihr mir helfen könnt :). Und danke schonmal :)!

      Dear Hostfamily,

      I am *** and 16 Years old.
      But nearly everybody call me Lissi.
      First I want to thank you so much that you thinking about to choose me and want me in your home for 10 month. I am very happy about and I know it is a big responsibility.
      In this letter I want to tell you something about me, my family and my hobbies.

      I was born on 8th Mai 1994 in Münster.That means, that I will be 17, when we meet in summer. My Partens and me live in a smal house in ***. *** is a little town and has about 1000 or more inhabitant. Münster is maybe 25 minutes far from ***, by bus or car. I like Münster very much. It isn't too small and not too big. You can come easily from one point to the other. Also you can see a lot in the center of the city.
      My mom, ***, were born in ***, and stay here in Germany since she was 22 years old. She works at a office, but i don't know what she exactly does.
      My dad, ***, were born in Germany. Earlier, he works at a restaurant, but know he works at a office and repairs computer.
      I have an older siter, ***, she is 23 years old and live with er boyfriend and her son, ***, 2 streets away from me. She works at a Nursing home. My Nephew *** is 3 years old and I spend a lot of time with him. They come everyday to us and we eat cake or do other things. It is always funny with them. My mom and I do a lot of things with ***, we go to Zoo with him or go swimming, *** is like a little brother for me.
      With my parents I'm very good. With my sister and her boyfriend, I am very good, too. From time to time I do sth with them. I went into a skiinghall with them or go to city, too.
      My family loves travelling. We have travelled to many European countries. We especially like Portugal and Austrian so we go there almost every year.

      Now I’ll describe myself a little bit:
      When I first meet you, I’ll probably be shy and reserved. But I think that will change soon when I have gotten to know you better. I’m a person who is very inquisitive and like it to laugh and do jokes, but sometimes I’m a bit shy and a BIT untidily. ;) I’m a normal teenage girl I’d say.

      Here, I go to a school which is called “**** Realschule”. It’s something like the Junior High and the High School together. My school has 1 000 pupils and I am in the 9th Grade. Im in a special class, it calls Laptop class. We do everything with the laptop, almost all School hours. In my class are 30 pupils and most of my better friends are in this class, too. I’m very lucky with my class and I think we have a great class spirit.
      At school we can’t choose the courses we want to. Every pupil has to take the same courses. We can only choose whether we want to take French, Informatik, Bilogy and Social works. I have been learning English for 5 and a half years.

      In my free-time I reading books (I don’t have a favorite book but I like love stories for example the Twilight Saga or other). I like listening to music but I myself don’t play any instrument. I played the flute for 3 years (I started when I was 7). I would like to learn playing the piano, Maybe I’ll start someday.
      I enjoy spending time with friends. I like going to the cinema with them, to Christmas markets, going shopping or baking some tasty cookies together for example. I have 2 best friends who are all girls and their names are *** (16) and *** (15). Im afraid that *** live about 10 miles away from me and so we only meet in school and at the weekends.

      In the moment I don’t do sports without school sport, but I think about to beginning play badminton.

      “Why I want to live for a year in an other country?”, maybe you ask this yourself.
      Because I want to become acquainted absolute with a new culture and not just like a tourist.
      I want to learn more about the American people and the american culture.
      And, of course, I want to upgrade my English, that’s not so good and in the moment, also it would help me to improve my English. I don’t mind if you have many children, or none, if you are retired persons or very young, if you have pets or none if you live in a big or in a small village. I’m open for everything. I choose the USA, because it’s one of my favourite countries.

      I hope we meet use next year and I'm sure we will have a great time together.

      With best
      wishes from Germany

      dein brief ist voll süß :))

      also hab mir den mal durchgelesen weil ich auch echt probleme hatte als ich meinen schreiben mussste ( auf spanisch )
      Ich würde anstatt boy/girlfriens partner sagen.
      "My parents are divorced since I am

      six years old so I can’t remember so good and it never was a big thing for me

      and I still have good contact to my dad and my brother." mach daraus doch einfach 2 sätze.
      am ende würde ich das vielleicht eher so schreiben
      " thank you that you make this school exchange possible for me."
      Hoffe ich konnte dir helfen und du hast den brief noch nicht abgeschickt :))

      viele grüße
      ab 15. Juli 2010 endlich in Costa Rica :)

      Hostfamily letter

      hey ihr.
      ich weiß ich weiß, das thema gibts echt shcon öfters.
      aber ich wollt euch vllt bitten meinen hostfamilyletter durchzulesen und evtl fehler in rechtschreibung und grammatik korrigieren! das wäre echt total nett.
      erst wollt ich ihn meiner englischlehrerin geben aber irgendwie hat dies echt nich drauf ;)
      also genug gelabert, hier jetzt mein brief ;)

      Dear Host

      My name is
      Amelie and I was born the 6th of June 1994. I live in M., a little
      town near Stuttgart
      . I live in a house with a nice little garden together with
      my mom, her boyfriend and my sister. My dad lives together with his girlfriend and my brother
      80km away from me. My parents are divorced since I am
      six years old so I can’t remember so good and it never was a big thing for me
      and I still have good contact to my dad and my brother.

      I also have
      a cat, its name is Pauli and we all love it.

      I go to the
      Gymnasium in 10th grade. My favorite subjects are
      English, German, French and social studies. I have a talent for languages and I
      don’t like natural-scientific. When I have finished school I want to study
      languages and become teacher.

      I’m very
      lucky with my class and I think we have a great class spirit. My best friends
      are in the same class and so we do many things together, for example go
      shopping, do sports, learn for school, go to movie or just hang around and talk
      about school, boys, problems and so on.

      My hobbies
      are playing tennis (I play since I am 6 years old and since I’m 8 I play
      matches with my team), reading books (I don’t have a favorite book but I like
      love stories for example the Twilight Saga or the books written by Cecilia
      Ahern), going to the fitness club, listening to music, especially Hip-Hop,
      R’n’B and Pop. I also like going to musicals. I’ve been to “Elisabeth”, “the
      Phantom of the Opera”, “Queens”, “Dance of the
      Vampires” and “Tarzan”. I love the stories and the songs of these musicals.

      I like
      travelling, too. I’ve been in Italy,
      France, Great Britain, Austria
      and Egypt.
      Sometimes we go away for the weekend for example to visit Munich,
      Hamburg or other cities in Germany. In
      June I was in Paris
      for three days only with my mom. It was great.

      When I have
      nothing to do at home I chat with my friends in the internet, read magazines,
      watch TV or play with my cat Pauli.

      I help in
      the household, too. My job is to clean the stairs once a week and (of course)
      to tidy up my room.

      To earn a
      little bit money I give lessons in English to a 12-years old boy and I do baby
      sitting (a 3-years old girl and a 7-years old boy).

      I also
      spend a lot of time with my mom who is always there when I need an advice or
      someone to talk to. My family is very important to me but my grandparents, my
      aunt and my uncle live in Frankfurt am Main. My parents, my brother and my sister
      lived there, too but one year before my birth they moved to M.

      I’ve never
      been to the USA
      but I think it’s a fascinating country. I want to learn something about another
      country, another culture and another way of life.

      I’m really
      excited to live with you for one year and I’m happy to make new experiences.

      Thank you
      for making possible for me being part of your family.

      With best
      wishes from Germany


      speziell beim letzen satz bin ich mir total unsicher damit will ich eigentlichh sagen "danke dass ihr es mir ermöglicht ein teil eurer familie zu werden"
      oder so ähnlih ;)
      danke für eure hilfe
      amelie :)
      "I love America and America loves me"

      i hope so ;)

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