Brief an Host-Eltern

  • Danke, ich werd mal schauen ob meine Eltern jetzt etwas schreiben können ... das wenigstens ein bisschen auf mich zutrifft


    Wie kann es dir egal sein, dass ich leide?!?
    Obwohl ich Tränen stets vermeide,
    steht es mir ins Gesicht geschrieben,
    Dass ich nie aufgehört habe,


  • ich mag den brief

    durch den inhalt denke ich zumindest ein klares bild von annika zu haben.

    das englisch ist seeehr schön, zwar nicht amerikanisch (so weit ich weiß, ich war selbst ein jahr in england und nicht amerika), aber die gasteltern werden ihn bestimmt auch so verstehen

    den einzigen fehler den ich gefunden habe ist


    And generally, she like’s it.

    , heir müsste es she likes it heißen, aber das ist wr nur ein tippfehler. und aßerdem würde ich aus verständnisgründen anstatt von


    But she is used to try at least unknown food.

    'But she is used to at least try unknown food.' , zumindest wenn ich den satz nicht falsch verstanden habe....aber hier bin ich mir auch nicht 100% sicher ob dies nicht auch auf 'ihre' art und weise gesagt werden kann, ich würde es halt nur anders sagen...


  • Hallo,
    wir haben den Elternbrief zunächst selber auf Englisch geschrieben, und dann durch eine Bekannte, die Anglistik studiert hat, polieren lassen. Rausgekommen ist folgendes:

    Dear host family,

    Have you ever tried to describe your child? It is not easy for us to do so, especially when preparing to send her abroad, to live with people whom we do not (yet) know; but we will give it a try.

    Our Annika is a very kind, intelligent and warm-hearted girl with a quiet disposition. As she is very sociable and honest, she is an easy and pleasant person to live with.
    She is particularly good with younger children, who are likely to feel drawn to her quickly.
    Although she actively participates in family live, she always needs a place of her own where she can read or work for school. As she does not like music, no noise-related problems are likely to turn up, which is quite untypical for a teenager.
    She is rather mature for her age, a well-balanced person. Having her own stable opinions, she is comparatively independent of the views others hold. Although she prefers to avoid disagreements, Annika is always willing to support her personal stance by means of rational argument.
    She can adapt easily and is likely not to suffer much from homesickness. She very much looks forward to her one-year stay in the United States and personally works towards her goal of going there.

    Our daughter is an intelligent girl who gets good grades at school, even though she is a year younger then the average in her class. Due to her unobtrusive, helpful and kind personally, she is rather popular among her classmates. She enjoys helping other with regard to school-related problems, that is, she sometimes meets her friends for learning purposes and mutual assistance. Hence, her students have nicknamed her “the kind one“.
    Mathematics and sciences are her favorite subjects at school. Her thinking style is structured and logical.
    Annika also has a distinct sense of justice. She will speak up for others if she feels that they have been treated unfairly, even if it might be to her own disadvantage.

    Although Annika is quite happy to be at home, she is very interested in sports. She trained in her swimming club for about a decade and play handball to this day. Meanwhile she has stopped swimming, but has started Jujutsu instead. She usually spends her weekends at home, but will sometimes participate in handball matches, swim or cycle with her friends, or go to the cinema with them.

    Of course Annika does not only have bright sides. To stick the truth, it must be said that she occasionally needs to be told to tidy and clean up her room. On the other hand, she will always do her homework diligently and is an attentive learner at school. If she dislikes something, she might – like most pubertal girls – be a little touchy at times. This, however, never last long, and her pleasant character quickly makes up for these little quirks. She rapidly earns people’s trust and never disappoints them.

    Unlike most others in her class, she doesn’t care much about going out in the evenings, or going shopping for stylish clothing. She mostly prefers staying at home together with the family, or watching TV, reading a book, or something else.

    She is also uncomplicated in her diet. She seldom eats meat, preferring vegetables or other fixings. But she is used to try at least unknown food. And generally, she like’s it.

    You will soon find out that your visitor is a wonderful young woman who is in no way demanding and is an enrichment to the family.

    Thanking you in advance for your willingness to offer our child a home during her year in your country,

    sincerely yours,

    Ich hoffe, meine Tochter kommt nicht mal zufällig in diesen Thread

    Gruß Rudi

  • Also meine Eltern können auch kein englisch und haben den Brief auf deutsch formuliert und einer dolmetscherin aus den Bekanntenkreis gegeben. Sie kennen doch bestimmt auch jemanden der englisch kann oder?

  • meine eltern mussten auch einen für meine bewerbungmappe verfassen. sie haben den mit einer freundin verfasst, die englischlehrerin ist. von meiner organisation (gls) wurden bestimmte themen vorgegeben, die zu berücksichtigen waren.
    ich stell den einfach mal hier rein (da können alle noch was über mich erfahren ):

    Dear host family,

    we want to thank you for take up our daughter Mareike and for your good will to integrate her in your life. We admire the willingness to administer a young person and regard her as a family member.
    We are glad about her courage to do an exchange. On the one hand we are sad, because we will miss her very much, but on the other hand we know that the exchange year promotes her development. So we´ll support her as much as we can.

    We´re a married couple with two daughters, Mareike and her nine-year-old sister Gesine. My husband Andreas, 41, works as a shift worker at the railway station and I, Sabine (41) work as an employee in the administration in the music school. Gesine attends the primary school in class three. My mother-in-law Gisela is a pensioner and lives together with us.
    Each member of our family has got closed friend to do common activities, talk about problems and help each other.
    At free weekends we like to make excursions to the Baltic Sea, read a lot, dance, go to theatre, go by bike and work in the garden.
    As you know it´s the first time in our life that our child leaves the family and the country and so we worry about different things. I have to tell you, that my husband has a lot of objections regarding the safety, AIDS and criminalism in South Africa. However, I´m very optimistic and I trust in you to protect Mareike.

    My oldest child Mareike is a sensible, reliable, tidy and punctual girl, who can do things on her own. She is humorous, always cheerful and in great mood and sometimes self-confident. Mareike can follow rules and arrangements.

    Mareike wants to live in big and warm family, where she gets to know the typical African everyday life. She is very interested in the togetherness of the ethnic groups and in political questions.
    Mareike is sensitive in dealing with the family and can associate with critism. But she is sensitive, so she needs an understanding family. She has a lot of interest, but the most important intrest is the warm atmosphere in the family. She doesn´t like to talk about her problems, so you should be tactful, otherwise she shuts herself of you.
    Mareike is very active and and loves team sports, e.g. volleyball. Twice a week she needs sports for her health, because it is useful for her back. (But she doesn´t have big medical problems.)
    Friendship is very important for her, not only at school or at home but also in the church community. She wants to get to know the church activities, especially for youth.
    She is interested in African fauna.

    Maybe you should know that Mareike doesn´t like big meals, but it´s important for her to eat regularly little portions. In pressure of time she goes without meals.
    She likes all kinds of meals.

    Mareike expects a wonderful, interesting year with lot of experiences, contacts with Africans, improvement of her English and getting to know the country with its nature.

    We want you to have a nice year with our daughter and we would be very happy to have a warm and friendly family-in-time for Mareike.
    We want to get and to keep in contact with you per e-mail.

    With a lot of greetings,

    vielleicht hilft es ja ein bisschen.
    liebe grüße, mareike

  • Meine Tochter bewirbt sich bei PPP und da müssen wir, ich und mein Mann, einen Brief schreiben, jedoch ist es so, dass ich nicht mehr wirklich gut Englisch kann und nicht weiss was ich da hineinschreiben soll... Können sie mir helfen?! Haben sie vielleicht ein paar Muster dafür?!

    Danke schon im Vorraus

    Wie kann es dir egal sein, dass ich leide?!?
    Obwohl ich Tränen stets vermeide,
    steht es mir ins Gesicht geschrieben,
    Dass ich nie aufgehört habe,